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Marketmind has developed products and solutions for the modern world. This means that trading, portfolios, quotes and news can be monitored on all devices nomatter where you are.

With the option of customizing both design and data we give you the quotes and news that you need, wherever you are! Check out Marketmind Products.

Who is Marketmind?

Marketmind AS was founded in 1997 as Sol Børs. The company has provided financial information since it was founded.

Marketmind is part of the Aston Holding group with headquarters located in Oslo, Norway.  The software development and support departments are located in Bergen, Norway.
The company has experience from the Internet brokerage company Stocknet.

Marketmind's ambition is to be a key company in the development, hosting and sale of IT-solutions to the financial market.

The Aston Holding group consists of over 100 employees, of which 45 are system developers.