Mobile Trader
108Marketmind has developed an app for both iPhone and Android that permits the user to follow in real time stock quotes, indices, commodities and exchange rates. In addition the user can create his own portfolio and follow the news from various sources.The system is designed to be able to connect to all trading systems employed by the brokerage firms. This enables you to offer this app with trading capabilities.

The apps can be rebranded with logo, colours and layout to fit into a firm’s general graphical theme. With our assistance you can be able to offer maybe the world’s best stock trading platform on your clients’ mobile phones.
Why choose Marketmind Mobile Trader?

With Mobile trader you can keep up to date in real-time with what is happing in your favorite stock markets, whereever you find yourself.  Mobile trader can be installed on Apple iPhone or Android.  Join thousands of users who are already using Marketmind Mobile Trader, today.

With an active subscription you have the following benefits:

  • No advertisements.
  • Receive access to several different stock markets either delayed or in and real-time.
  • Access to delayed quotes for NYSE and AMEX is included.
  • Receive access to several news sources.
  • Advanced portfolio module allowing you to manage your market positions. (Coming soon!) 
    • The ability to share portfolio data between all Marketmind products.

Customer Reviews

By Hypertrader:
"The best I have seen. Lacks some important markets and figures, but that will hopefully be in place soon. Try it!"

By Mia_78:
"The best finance app you can get! I strongly recommend downloading it!"

By Morten Petersen:
"Nice and cool app. Streaming stock quotes and news...."

By Kent Horne:
"Actually urge me to follow the developments in the stock market. Nice logo too."

Available on all platforms


Marketmind has developed products and solutions for the modern world. This means that trading, portfolios, quotes and news can be monitored on all devices nomatter where you are.

With the option of customizing both design and data we give you the quotes and news that you need, wherever you are! Check out Marketmind Products.

Try it free
Marketmind Mobile Trader is available for free download for both Android and iPhone. It's easy to download and test the app.The editions that are available are a suggestion from us on how the app may look like. You may change anything you want to. The App can be customized on design and content for the look best suited to you.