Your solutions

Marketmind is set up to deliver complete solutions for stock trading online. Our products covers all platforms (web, PC, iPhone, iPad, Android phones, Android Tablets). The solutions can be hosted at Marketmind and implemented with your existing systems. Marketmind offers data feed from a wide range of markets and instruments.

Marketmind is extremely focused on security in all products, high system availability and stability in the systems.

All our products can be redesigned and modified to suit your whishes and needs. Marketmind can deliver everything from stand alone components to complete solutions.

Complete solution for online trading

108Online stock trading is becoming more and more important for banks and brokers. Marketmind has the complete solution that covers both the needs of today and tomorrow.

Marketmind sets up web pages for you and your customers with a complete registration system that takes care of all demands and saves your time.

On the web pages your customers can follow the market, stocks and other instruments together with their portfolio. Your analysis can also be made available. The customers can also have the ability to trade stocks through your web page, allowing them to take positions that may bring you both profits. Marketmind offers web designers that will help you customize the pages to fit your company's graphic profile.

Your customers can follow stock movements, the latest news and trade on their mobile phones (iPhone or Android), on their tablets (iPad or Android) or on our advanced PC app - Marketmind Trader. With this product line you can offer the best trading possibilities to your customers.

The system contains advanced subscription management with control over billing of real time data, and access to analysis and news.

With the system for trading limits are you always in secure knowing that your customers can't sell stocks they don't have or buy more than their dynamic calculated limit.

System integration

To offer automatic order management, Marketmind's products can be integrated with existing systems like:

  • ProBroker

  • Fidessa

  • Orc

  • And more
Fast track with DMA terminal

Time is money, and speed is more important than ever. More professionals and private customers trade directly on the exchanges.

With Marketmind Trader you can offer your biggest customers direct order access. Data and news are delivered from our servers while trades and portfolios are delivered from your systems.

Marketmind Trader may be delivered with a flexible trading limit system.108

Available on all platforms


Marketmind has developed products and solutions for the modern world. This means that trading, portfolios, quotes and news can be monitored on all devices nomatter where you are.

With the option of customizing both design and data we give you the quotes and news that you need, wherever you are! Check out Marketmind Products.

Distribution of analysis

108Spread news and analysis directly to your customers with Marketmind's system. The information can be distributed to all platforms and gives you a secure and efficient channel of communication with your customers.

Your analysis can be distributed in several formats and together with real time data and news.

Portfolio - provide a complete overview

108With Marketmind's portfolio system you may offer your customers a complete overview of their investments. This may also be offered to customers that trade by phone and displayed on their phone, for example.

Our portfolio system can be implemented along side your trading and customer system allowing it to automatically update customer portfolios with the latest trades and values. Your customers can monitor the changes from their phone, tablet or PC. Data can be delivered in real time or delayed.

The portfolio system shows graphic representation of track records, achieved profit/loss, market exposure and long and short positions.