Tablet Trader
TabletTrader for iPad and Android Tablet

Be at the forefront with our advanced application for monitoring stock exchanges, currencies, interest rates and commodities like oil or gold.  With Marketmind Tablet Trader you are always up to date on news and movements in the market. 

Our Tablet Trader is available both on the iPad and Android Tablet platforms.

The application has several views which give you an overview of various types of securities such as shares, indices, currencies, commodities and interest rates. 

By choosing an instrument, you can get more details such as the order book, historical development, graphs and news.  You can get an overview of the latest news for different markets and selected instruments.  You can even put together your own list of securities you wish to follow.


Marketmind Tablet Trader
109 Marketmind Tablet Trader is the solution for you, when you are on the go or do not have access to your computer. Tablet Trader has been developed for both Apple iPad and Android. Quotes and news information stream to your tablet so you always have updated information. Marketmind Tablet Trader's main features are:
  • Bigger screen gives more possibilities
  • Adjust design and content to what you want
  • Trade stocks directly on the tablet
  • Show updated portfolios, contract notes and analysis
  • Detailed view of instruments and news

Available on all platforms


Marketmind has developed products and solutions for the modern world. This means that trading, portfolios, quotes and news can be monitored on all devices nomatter where you are.

With the option of customizing both design and data we give you the quotes and news that you need, wherever you are! Check out Marketmind Products.